It’s crazy that we live in a world that if you’re super positive and super creative that it’s scary. So what does that tell you about the mentality of most people

- Kanye West

joseph-reid said: Last year I was searching around for a good Treehome95 cover and stumbled across yours. I was so impressed with it and then about a week later, I came across "Planetarian." I put on Landing and immediately ran to show it to my dad. (He's into jazzy stuff) We sat and listened to the whole album and I still confidently say that it's one of my top ten albums ever. If you don't capture our entire generation and win all the Grammys, then no one appreciates feeling good anymore I guess. thanks Derek

thank YOU this is incredibly nice seriously thank you so much

the-hippiies said: So much of you is so awesome dude thanks for making amazing music, luv youu

thank you i love you back



yungspaceghost said: hey im sure you've gotten this more than once but i was watching that episode of workaholics and found you guys. Swim gave me this almost flash back, nostalgic feeling. i dont know how else to explain it. but anyways, you guys have a new fan

thank you dude much love!

pathwherenoonegoes said: Also dream killers is the shit wow I love you

hahaha thank you so much for listening that means a lot :)

Thoughts on Music and it’s Direction

Many many years ago Led Zeppelin was on the come up as The Beatles were on the fall. The Beatles had consecutively retained the titled of Best Band in some magazine or some shit for eight years until Zeppelin came along and robbed them of it. When asked why they thought that the people were opening up to Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant and John Bonham agreed that it was most likely due to the fact that people were going to see The Beatles to see them, not to hear them. Now, mind you they were amazing musicians and I really do enjoy the Beatles so this is no knock to them, they were just saying that the Beatles had become celebritized (not a word but you get me) so much that people weren’t even going to see them for the music anymore, they were going to see them for their personalities. Led Zeppelin was getting higher acclaim and recognition because they were young, extremely talented and innovative musicians that no one could ignore.

We’re on the brink of that transition again I believe. People are really only getting interested in pop acts because of their personalities and the music ends up being what suffers (I don’t think the music suffered when the Beatles were around, a lot of people were just interested solely in their celebrity image) . We need another Zeppelin, another powerful musician/musicians to wow the world again and show everyone that music can still be innovative and that people can still feel connected to sound because frankly, I believe that most of us are getting damn sick of seeing people without any musical strength rising to the top for a few days just to brag about their materials. I believe we need feeling to be brought to the forefront again.

It’ll come soon enough, only love prevails.

tommyscaf said: ok so Man on the Moon 2 and Lonerism are my two favorite albums of all time and I wanted to know your favorite songs off of each project.

I can’t choose one off of either because both of them are pretty important to me. I will say recently though, I’ve been listening to Mind Mischief and Be Above It a lot and off MOTM2 I’ve been listening to Mr. Rager, Ghost, & Ashin Kusher hahaha

coooldady said: I really hope I'm not coming off as annoying, but I really kinda look up to you. Just the fact that you have the discipline to sit down and make an aweosme album is awesome. I started one like 7 months ago and I can't get it finished. And the fact that we're around the same age makes it seem so much easier

Finish it dude, go with your gut, put down the sounds you love and the project will finish itself.

secondhandvuhsace said: Can you make weirdo posters?? Like just the album cover would be so sick

I would but I need to make more money off the shirts and hoodies first so I can reinvest it all and make more merchandise (shirts and hoodies are available here)