I genuinely believe that this song is genius.

You know how you can listen to an album and not like it that much, but then you hear it again at a certain time in your life and it sounds amazing because it reflects what you’re going through/thinking about/whatever?

Because The Internet is really hitting me now. In December I was thinking “man this album is great and I love how everything always feels like it’s changing and stuff but right now I can’t really connect with it,” but that’s all changing now. This album is pretty awesome.

Upon mentally preparing myself to release WEIRDO, I’ve been reminding myself of this beautiful dream I had months ago in which Pharrell Williams walked up to me while I was sitting at my lunch table. I stood up and he shook my hand, looked at me directly in the eyes and said “Whatever you do, you’ll do it.” That dream was the reason I wrote WEIRDO. At first, I didn’t know what to write the songs about because I had all these different instrumentals and I didn’t know how to connect them all. After I had that dream, I was encumbered by a strong feeling of comfortability in expression and I decided that I wanted to write an album that explored what it meant to be strange and the many different feelings that come with being a WEIRDO. I can’t wait for you all to hear this. Thank you for the love and support, seriously I fucking love you guys! 3 MORE DAYS WOOOO!

The Beautiful Ones by Prince is one of the greatest songs ever created

Sorry, had to vent for a second. Back to zen mode.

Man if you think 60 is too much for a hoodie that theres only 30 of in the world then spare me the annoyance and just don’t buy the hoodie haha someone else who gets it will.

I get a little annoyed when I see comments like “60 dollars for a hoodie?!?! It better be the best hoodie ever”. Motherfucker I love you and all, but I made 2 free albums. That’s 2 free experiences, one that has taken me around a year to create and I make hoodies THAT THERE ARE ONLY 30 OF IN EACH COLOR EXISTENCE AT THE MOMENT and you act like I’m robbing you when I ask for $60 with free shipping. Man that’s some bullshit hahaha

"Get the fuck out of my house." - Harrison Ford, after David Blaine pulled Harrison’s card out of a fruit.

Still awesome.

Don’t chase fame, chase success.

because fame is a perception and success is tangible.