tripleawesomepants said: What program do you use for making and recording music



The Redwood - “Here & There”

"It doesn’t matter what I do, doesn’t matter what I say,

or what I don’t say, or if I even show up.

I’m unfocused in all your pictures.

I’m smiling, but I’m still bitter.

I’m better, but only to a point.

I’m lonely, but anti-social.

I’m always here, you’re always there.”

Stream the entire album:

krulerivvims said: Hey I've been listening to your music since you released your first tape & I've been amazed ever since! "Just Say Goodbye" is beautiful & nostalgic to me & I don't know why. Your new tape is so tight. Gives me a positive outlook on life. Thank You.

Thank YOU! It’s awesome supporters like yourself that keep me going and those are exactly what I wanted both of my albums to feel like so thank you seriously that means a lot

tommyscaf said: I know you released the HoraceTheGiant Demos a while back but I've been listening to them a lot recently and was just wondering what your favorite tracks were? My favorite tracks are Pancakes, Silky, Revenge, Manic, Looseleaf, Colors, and Block Your Glow. You're awesome for adding the Al Green vocals btw. Keep doing your thing, you're unbelievably talented man. I'm amped for the day when I can see you live.

Thank you so much seriously that means a lot to me I’m glad you like it! I don’t have favorites, that was just a collection of shit I made out of boredom like truthfully I didn’t spend a bunch of time making that and I just wanted to put it out as something for people to listen to if they dug it haha I’m working pretty hard on the new Horace shit though, it’s gonna be sweet


This is a grilled cheese


This is a grilled cheese

coooldady said: What do you wanna get from the golf wang f/w?

I really like the green/red/yellow/blue polo long sleeve polo and the green golf hat



tripleawesomepants said: Damn, I've been wanting to buy the green hoodie for a while and as soon as a get enough money Tyler releases the f/w golfwang lookbook and I don't know what to spend my money on

I’m doing free shipping starting this Saturday and there’s only 30 of the hoodie ever, no knock to Tyler because I want to get some fall/winter golf wang too I’m just saying, there’s only 30 of the hoodie AND there’s free shipping. Whatever choice you make is gonna be supporting awesome shit anyway


The Redwood - “Cool Kids”

"Back in the high school hallways, people always

look each other up and down, judge what only the eye can see,

arriving at the conclusion that our worth is measured by what we put forth,

and not the depth at which we love, but by the velocity and force

in which we pull each other down to raise individuals up,

and create a hierarchy in which the conformists are above

the rest of us, and we look down and find the fault inside ourselves

for acting outside of the crowd when we should be proud”